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Over the last few years The Lighthouse and The Whaler has established itself as a prevailing indie rock act. Formed in Cleveland, Ohio, the band quickly began to gain momentum. In 2012, their album ‘This Is An Adventure’ helped them break onto the national scene with NPR calling them “an artist on the rise” and there critical praise continued to mount. Their single ‘I Want To Feel Alive’ landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and would go on to amass over 7 million streams. Critical reception intensified as well. Rolling stone called the album “a sincere and imaginative effort” and NPR named the band “one of the 100 two see at SXSW 2017.” They continued to hone their live show and spent 2016 touring in support of their album.

The end of 2017 saw the band release ‘Paths,’ an EP about the band’s journey, ‘Paths’ helped to solidify the bands ascent, with PASTE declaring the band “a genre blurring innovator.’ In 2018 they released two singles- ‘Into The Unknown’ and ‘Future Bling’- and continued touring. Recent 2020 releases included new singles “Brothers” and “California Sun,” leading into a new EP “Brothers (B-Sides)” with a full length LP coming in 2021.

The band continues to add to their impressive list of syncs with placements in Grey’s Anatomy, American idol, and the worldwide trailer for Disney’s Christoper Robin. The band has had multiple US headlining tours and sold out shows.

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