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The Aces, an indie band hailing from Provo, Utah, burst onto the scene with their infectious blend of pop, rock, and indie influences. Formed in 2008 by members Cristal Ramirez, Katie Henderson, McKenna Petty, and Alisa Ramirez, The Aces gained attention for their dynamic sound and captivating performances.

In 2017, they released their debut EP, "I Don't Like Being Honest," showcasing their talent for crafting catchy, guitar-driven anthems. The band's breakthrough moment came with their single "Stuck," which garnered widespread acclaim for its vibrant energy and relatable lyrics.

The Aces continued to build momentum with their debut album, "When My Heart Felt Volcanic," released in 2018. The album further solidified their reputation for crafting melodic, empowering tracks that resonated with a growing fanbase.

Known for their tight-knit harmonies, electrifying stage presence, and a knack for crafting tunes that bridge the gap between indie and pop sensibilities, The Aces have become a force in the contemporary music scene. With a commitment to authenticity and a sound that effortlessly evolves, The Aces continue to captivate audiences and carve their own path in the indie music landscape.

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