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All punk bands owe a lot to the Ramones, but Spiritual Cramp vocalist Michael Bingham is very specific about what they owe to the Ramones. “You know the cover of Subterranean Jungle? That’s what our band is supposed to sound like,” he says.

Spiritual Cramp — completed by guitarists Stewart Kuhlo and Jacob Breeze, bassist Mike Fenton, Max Wickham on tambourine, and Blaine Patrick on drums — weaves together disparate punk strands into a furiously cool whole. The group, named after a Christian Death song, sounds like the Marked Men and the Specials locked in a death spiral, with a Lambretta scooter and a pair of low-cut oxblood Doc Martens plummeting into the abyss alongside them. Their outsized live energy, meanwhile, is all hardcore.

The band is supporting Militarie Gun in the UK in December 2024 with major touring planned in North American throughout 2024.

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