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Wisconsin born and raised singer songwriter and producer Skylar Grey is most known as long time collaborator of Eminem, as well as various collaborations with many hip hop artists including the widely recognized anthemic song “Coming Home” with Diddy, despite not actually being a hip hop artist herself. Grey began her music career as a 6 year old, performing along side her mother who is a folk singer and Celtic harpist. “I don’t have a genre, I have a mood. And that mood can be lent to many genres.” Her cashmere tone, mellifluous melodies, and melancholy, introspective lyrics play a big role in setting that mood. The high school drop out landed her first record deal with Warner Brothers in 2004, then went on to sign a second deal with Interscope Records in 2011. Now in 2021, the fully independent artist is embracing her newfound freedom, and is focused on making an album that redefines her as an artist. “I’m making the album I always wanted to make but never had the guts to.”

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