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From the very very small town of Willacoochee, GA, 25 year-old RVSHVD (pronounced RA-SHAD) started making music ten years ago. He initially thought hip hop and R&B were going to be his musical path until he jumped genres after hearing “Sweet Thing” by Keith Urban. Then he found Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and kept digging til he reached the legends of George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Brooks & Dunn; all who he credits as ultimate musical influences.

With the help of a signature vocal tone, his home studio, and a viral TikTok video, RVSHVD became nationally recognized for his country version of Roddy Ricch’s “Ballin.” The song went viral on Spotify, TikTok, Apple and YouTube amassing over 25M streams while uplifting his catalog of songs to over 100M streams. He consistently releases viral videos across social media platforms, including a preview of his most recent single “Shoebox Money” that has taken off like wildfire racking up 15M plays and 450K+ shares on Instagram.

Having a consistently growing fan base of 1.4M followers on TikTok, and 1.5M Monthly Listeners on Spotify, he is now hitting the road and festivals including playing Nissan Stadium during CMA Fest.

He is currently signed to The Penthouse South record label and Empire Publishing.

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