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RuthAnne has a rare quality that stands her out – even in a world that is over-saturated with musical talent. Growing up singing in church choirs in Ireland and listening to the classic soul of Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill, she draws on the greats – but is never anything other than herself. Her debut album Matters of The Heart takes you through RuthAnne's story, chapter by chapter. It melds the classic, authentic songwriting that she was raised on with the pop sensibilities of the artists she's worked with, to her favourite Nineties R&B artists.

RuthAnne is a force of nature. You’d have to be, to have got where she is today: boasting a string of writing credits for some of the biggest names in pop – from One Direction to Britney Spears. For years, this is how this multi-talented artist earned a living. Yet it is establishing herself as an artist in her own right that has always been the dream. Her next musical project, due in 2021 will show her artistry in a new form.

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