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Poppy, born Moriah Rose Pereira on January 1, 1995, in Boston, is a versatile American artist. Moving to LA in 2013, she gained fame on YouTube with Titanic Sinclair. After signing with Island Records in 2015, she released her debut EP, "Bubblebath," in 2016.

Poppy's career soared as the face of Sanrio's "Hello Sanrio" collection in late 2016. Signing with Mad Decent in 2017, she released "Poppy.Computer" and embarked on her debut tour.
In 2018, Poppy launched "I'm Poppy" and released "Am I a Girl?". In 2020, she parted ways with Titanic Sinclair, releasing her third album, "I Disagree," along with the music video "Anything Like Me," directed by Jesse Draxler.

Known for her pastel-haired innocence and eclectic sound blending reggae, punk rock, and pop, Poppy continues to captivate with catchy tunes and cheeky lyrics, inviting listeners to escape through her music.

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