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Elena Charbila has an established track record as a composer, producer and recording artist under her moniker “Kid Moxie.” Her music has been featured in multiple TV commercials including a national Victoria’s Secret ad campaign, several TV shows and numerous indie films. “I like to call my music ‘cinematic pop’”, she explains. That’s hardly a surprise, coming from someone whose credits include penning songs for the Cyberpunk 2077 video game, the new XBOX game Forza Horizon, as well as the retro-futuristic soundtrack to the 2020 indie film "Not To Be Unpleasant But We Need To Have A Serious Talk" (Lakeshore Records), and whom CNN recently mentioned as a female composer worthy of Oscar attention. Apple Music picked the soundtrack as one of their top 10 recommendations alongside award winning soundtracks such as The Joker and Little Women amongst others. In 2015 she collaborated with renowned “Twin Peaks” composer Angelo Badalementi. Together they recorded a new version of “Mysteries of Love,” which premiered in Vogue. The music video that accompanied the song was produced by the David Lynch Foundation while David Lynch presented the project himself at his soiree “The Music Of David Lynch” at the Ace Hotel theatre in downtown L.A. Kid Moxie's upcoming album "Better Than Electric" is scheduled to come out in late spring of 2022.

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