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Gabriela - Singer, performer, song-writer and one of those
special artists with a timeless big vocal sound with just the
right amount of grit and edge housed in youthful female
angst. Singing and performing as part of a musical family
since she was 5 years old, GabrieLa grew up listening, loving
& being influenced by an eclectic cocktail of albums. From
the classics like Heart, Led Zeppelin, Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl
Crow; to the pop albums of her childhood like Britney
Spears, P!NK & Katy Perry. This eclectic jukebox of musical
influences has subconsciously defined GabrieLa’s
songwriting, music & sound. Gabriela's a powerful live
performer with a sound and vibe that’s a mixture of rock &
roll swagger, with a dash Nashville Flavor with modern pop

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