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"I promise... you have never met someone who loves life more me. I am all about the vibes, the energy and my connection to others... my love to this world and everything in it. I love it all, city life, wild life, flowers and jets... gold chains and shells off the beach... I am all about the ups and the downs, the wave of life, experiencing every emotion as it hits.... I would say most of my art leans positive topically, but I love urban beats, dark 808s, vibey guitar riffs, piano progressions and synths/pads and I always want to dance and feel, connect.... I have a raspy vibrato and a clean falsetto and thats what I flow with.

As a songwriter, I write it all, from dark ballads, to light pop, to edm, rap, I just love expression through music in all genres... and my cuts go full spectrum... from Eminem to Celine Dion, Train, Skylar Grey, Aquaman, Feature Films, Movies, Netlfix TV Shows etc..

Love, ET"

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