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BOY DELUXE is an artistic collaboration between True Murra & Hope S. Original in their own right, their sound could best be described as electro-punk meets dark, noise pop. A Seattle pastor’s daughter, raised in the shadow of dogma and divorce, and a Philadelphia-born, former-heroin addict.

Previously known as Ever So Android, garnering regular support from KEXP & selling out The Crocodile, before relocating to Los Angeles in 2017.

“Ever So Android was what we thought we should be—Boy Deluxe is exactly who we are."

"A mixture of the distorted programming of 'Pretty Hate Machine'-era Nine Inch Nails and the glitchier strands of the current EDM movement forms a tempestuous brand of electro-rock that’s as dangerous as it is alluring." - KEXP, Song of the Day

“Fierce, fuzzy, and full of fire.” - Grimy Goods

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