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Titled 'Wrong Creatures', BRMC’s latest album began in the summer of 2015. Shapiro was six months clear of a brain surgery, the trio had come off a tour and they began sketching out new songs in their private lockout space appropriately nicknamed ‘The Bunker’ in North Hollywood. As a band that's refused to be locked into one genre, they found a sense of freedom in their abilities to float from bluesy rock'n'roll, to psychedelia and back. 'Wrong Creatures' takes a journey throughout rock's history, taking unlikely twists and turns, but also having one foot firmly in the present. Their biggest focus remains in developing their own musicianship, never resting on their laurels, preparing to enhance the live experience they can offer fans. 'Wrong Creatures' is an exercise in getting back to the core of BRMC's alchemy. From the murder balladry of 'Haunt' to the garage punk of 'Little Thing Gone Wild', it runs the gamut of classic rock, allowing BRMC to flex every muscle in their armor.

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