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Beauty School Dropout is a Los Angeles based band, include members Colie Hutzler, Beepus Burdett , and Bardo.

The trio have described their sound as Motley Crue meets Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The music they make aims to resurrect charging drums, sticky melodies, and heavy guitar tones, all of which are not currently present in mainstream rock music.

The band's attitude also extends to their lyrics, which they stated are relatable and timeless when it comes to emotion. Beauty School Dropout is aiming for the top by creating music they wish to be both against the grain but also accessible to the mainstream by connecting to the audience.

Heartbreak is their biggest subject, which is also the most relatable subject of all, and given that the band is operating under the hands of famed pop-punkers like Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, not only the band but their audience are in good hands.

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