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Steeped in sun-soaked classic Southern California pop and nineties alternative mystique, twin duo Macedo—Michelle & Melissa—build a welcoming world on their forthcoming 2021 debut. Individuality and belonging play a vital role in their music. Identical twins from a mixed-race background, the two always felt on the outside. Through their music, they've created a world of belonging with songs that empower that kinship to bring their audience a feeling of togetherness.

Along the way, they built up an impressive filmography: appearing in everything from NETFLIX’s 'Girlboss' series to the horror flick 'Every Time I Die and Blood Heist' with James Franco. In 2021, they will start their next chapter by signing to Pasadena Records & releasing singles “Can’t Imagine” and “Stronger Now" with a planned tour with collaborator Anna Akana to follow.

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