It all started with simple synth sounds bouncing over a bass heavy drum beat, add the catchiest of hooks, "Got Kendall, got Kylie, got Miley, I can make the work stretch...”, the result is the song "Pilates.” It became the anthem for the Summer of 2015, gaining traction from hundreds of media outlets like the Cosmopolitan, The Fader, I-D Magazine and Complex instantly becoming a dance favorite among opinion leaders and celebrities, most notably Kylie Jenner (seen here dancing and singing “Pilates.”)


Post Pilates saw Donmonique dropped her anticipated debut EP, “Thirst Trap” to rave reviews and a welcome reception from fans. From NYTimes to Elle, DonMonique changes the game.

After touring the world with Santigold, landing roles in movies, and starring in commercials (Adidas with Pharrell), DonMonique at 23 prepares to make the step forward towards her destiny with her latest project “Black Kate Moss”.

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