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Ease The Don is an artist and songwriter from Inglewood, California. His story and message go far beyond his catchy west coast influenced melodies, often writing songs about his community, love and relationships, being a father, and his plan to make opportunities for his team. Ease is well connected in the local music scene and has recently gained the support of local curators such as DJ Hed from REAL 92.3, Home Grown Radio. After hearing the music to come, DJ Hed stated “I was ready to come over and say the music was trash, but I can’t deny these records... [Ease The Don] is about to be a big part of the West Coast conversation.” His debut release “Dancin’ In The Rain” has already racked up 100k streams across DSPs without any major push. The rising LA artist has spent much of last year refining his craft during the pandemic and is now finally ready to let the music speak for itself.

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